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18 February 2021 - 25 February 2021
EIT Urban Mobility - Innovation Days

Future Mobility

February 18th, 13:30 - 15:30

Digitalisation has disrupted urban mobility, creating new services, expanding transport into new areas and changing how we move within cities. The disruption is continuing, and cities have been challenged with handling 'the future mobility' services, whilst trying to prepare for a constantly changing mobility landscape. ​

This session will include an opening by the EIT Urban Mobility, followed by city speakers who will give their insights on working with EIT Urban Mobility, thought leaders will speak on key innovations in mobility and will be followed by private sector innovation pitches.​

Please find below agenda of session speakers and presentations for the session:


Gareth Macnaughton, Director of Innovation, EIT Urban Mobility ​

Delia Mitcan, Innovation Lifecycle Officer, EIT Urban Mobility - West Hub

Adriana Diaz, Innovation Manager, EIT Urban Mobility

City Presenters

Alan Murphy, Regional Manager, Smart Dublin​

Delphine Krieger, Innovation and International Business Strategy Manager, City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg​

Paolo Campus, Mobility Planning and Monitoring Area, Agency for Mobility Environment and Territory - City of Milan​

Prof Gebhard Wulfhorst, Professor Urban Structure and Transport Planning, Technical University of Munich​

Thought Leaders

​Timo Möller, Head of Center for Future Mobility and Nils Köster, Senior Consultant, McKinsey​

Jan Schoenig, Director - Smart Cities, Logistics and Mobility, Siemens Advanta Solutions​ and Oliver Niedung, Principal Solution Specialist - Azure IoT, Microsoft ​

Pitch Presentations

Sylvain Denoncin, CEO, Evelity by Okeenea Digital​

Anna Craciun, Partnership Manager, Humanising Autonomy​

Devin de Vries, CEO, WhereIsMyTransport​

Brad Lee, Sales, Moovit​

Alexandru Forrai, Fellow Engineer, Siemens PLM Software​

Jolanta Zarzycka, Business Development & Sales Manager, Tractebel – Engie Group​

Gabriel Cuervo, Innovation Manager, Ferrovial​

Sven Verstrepen, Senior Innovation Officer Urban Mobility, University of Ghent​

Robert Gaycken, Project Manager KIC, ITS Hamburg​

Oliver Charlesworth, Product Manager - CUBE & LEGION, Bentley Systems​

Luis Glaeser, Senior Partnerships Lead, What3Words​

Gerard Martret, CEO, Shotl​


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