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18 February 2021 - 25 February 2021
EIT Urban Mobility - Innovation Days

Mobility and Energy

February 25th, 14:00 - 16:00

The transport sector in Europe is over 90% fossil fuel dependent. It is crucial that we look to alternative sources in order to decarbonise our transport systems and increase energy independence. The widescale adoption of electric and alternative fuel vehicles in urban areas presents unique challenges including charging infrastructure and the need for load-balancing solutions. Because of the importance of clean air in our cities and the technical and spatial requirements needed to transition to cleaner fuels, Energy and Mobility is one of the EIT Urban Mobility's key challenge areas. 

The Energy and Mobility open Innovation Community Day is the first step in building this wider network focused on delivering cleaner forms of power for urban transport.

This session will include an opening by the EIT Urban Mobility, followed by city speakers who will give their insights on working with EIT Urban Mobility, thought leaders will speak on key innovations in sustainable logistics and will be followed by private sector innovation pitches.

Please find below the agenda of speakers for the session:


Gareth Macnaughton, Director of Innovation, EIT Urban Mobility ​

Marian Nic, Innovation Lifecycle Officer, EIT Urban Mobility - East Hub

City Presenters

Marianne Molmen, Project Manager – Urban Spaces, City of Oslo Agency for Urban Environment

Bas van Kooperen, Strategist Spatial Economics, Municipality of Rotterdam​ and Monika Dernai, Business Development – Urban Intelligence, BMW

Julien Toulouse, Head of Business Development, Invest in Toulouse

Thought Leaders

​Theodora Skordili, Business Development Manager, Cenex Netherlands​

Chresten Træholt, Associate Professor Electrical Engineering, Danish Technical University ​

Gunnar Ohlin, Programme Manager ElectriCity, Lindholmen Science Park

Pitch Presentations
Javier de la Torre Blanco, Innovation, Naturgy

Tadashi Kubo, Co-Founder and CEO, AC Biode​

Selinay Filiz Parlak, Co-Founder,  Bluedot Technologies​

Çağrı Selçuklu, CEO & Co-Founder, DUCKT​

Tore Harritshøj, Director, Spirii​

Sonja Pajkovska Goceva, Senior Manager Research & Development eMobility and Digital, iMove​

Francisco Duarte, Co-founder & CEO, Pavnext  ​

David Válek, Head of Sales & Marketing, Elektroline​

Luiz Muñoz Lombardo, Co-founder, Solum​

Benjamin Bell,  Head of Public Policy for Northern Europe, Tier Mobility

Doron Frenkel, CEO and Founder, Driivz


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